Lacrosse Training

GATE provides all players more training opportunities as part of their club membership than any program in the Southeast.  Our focus of each practice is to maximize the repetitions each player receives.

  • “Free Play” Training -  This training method is the fastest way for lacrosse players to learn the necessary skills to play at the elite level.  This model of training is as much fun as games for players!
  • Fall Training Overview – Each week all High School players will have 2 field practices and one training session at The HUB (GATE’s indoor training facility),  and at least one training session will be “free play” training.
  • Fall Training Schedule – Practices will start the week of September 14 and continue through the winter tournament.
Strength & Conditioning Training/The HUB Indoor Training Facility

GATE has the largest indoor lacrosse training facility in the Georgia.  Our large open space area is the perfect locations for all teams to train year round regardless of weather. GATE's full time Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Diron Bates was hired this summer to work with all of our club team members on the strength and condition side of training.

  • Weight Room – We have added a full weight room at the HUB to provide all GATE athletes the ability to complete Strength and Conditioning Training under one roof.
  • As part of our training program, all members will be provided weekly strength and conditioning training workouts from Diron and his staff.  Diron will also have open gym times each week for all players to complete their training in a supervised setting.  As part of this training program, ALL players will be expected to attend “max out” days monthly at the HUB to track their progress.
  • The goal of our program is to get every player an opportunity to play in college.  Our strength and conditioning training will mirror the level of commitment college coaches will expect from their players.
Our 2020 Fall/Winter Tournament Schedule

All High School club members will play in six (6) national events during the lacrosse year (2 in the fall, 1 in the winter, and 3 in the summer).  At least four (4) of these events will be national team showcase recruiting events.

  • Adrenaline Gold Cup – NOV 7-8.  All teams attending will play both days.  All players are eligible to sign up for their Elite Fall Showcase NOV 7 at the same facility.  The showcase will take place in the afternoon/evening after all team games are played.
  • The Southern Retreat – NOV 21-22.  Event will take place at the Boombah Sports Complex in Sanford FL.
  • US Club Lax Nationals – JAN 1-3.  The best holiday tournament in the country with some of the best programs in the country attending.

Our 2021 Summer Tournament schedule will be announced in OCT once events have set their dates for the year.

  • All players entering the recruiting portal this year (2022’s in September) will receive guidance from our staff in navigating the recruiting process.
  • We will meet with all players in the recruiting portal once in the fall and once in the summer to review each player’s goals and needs to get each player to the college level that is the best fit.
  • Our Recruiting Coordinator (Jamie Davidson) will be in charge of helping each player plan out the recruiting process and serve as an advocate for each player and be in charge of our outreach to college coaches.
  • Provide additional support with developing a recruiting plan for all HS players.


Additional Benefits
  • Each player will receive a complete uniform for the lacrosse year.  Uniforms includes a jersey, game shorts, and shooter shirt.
  • Each player will receive a complete player pack for the year in the fall.
  • As club team members, all players will receive discounted pricing for additional classes and training offered at the HUB during the year including personal training with Diron and his staff outside of the provided training sessions, Yoga classes for athletes, athletic stretching classes and more.
  • Game FilmGATE secures game film at all national recruiting events during the year for our players as part of our club team membership. In the age of COVID-19, game film is a must.