Lacrosse Training
  • GATE provides all players more training opportunities as part of their club membership than any program in the southeast.  Our focus of each practice is to maximize the repetitions each player receives.  We provide the highest level of training in the southeast.
  • “Free Play” Training.  We are the only club in the southeast that offers weekly “free play” training sessions.  This training method is the fastest way for lacrosse players to learn the necessary skills to play at the elite level.  This model of training is as much fun as games for players!
  • Fall Training Overview – All Youth players will have each week 2 field practices.  At least one training session will be “free play” training.
  • Fall Training Schedule – Practices will start the week of September 14 and continue through the winter tournament.
Our 2020 Fall/Winter Tournament schedule:
  • All Youth Team members will play in five (5) local events during the lacrosse year (2 in the fall and 3 in the summer).  Events will be chosen that are suitable for our level of play for each Youth Team.
  • All Youth Team members will be able to sign up for at least one additional optional event in the fall and summer at an additional fee.

Our 2021 Summer Tournament schedule will be announced in OCT once events have set their dates for the year.

Additional Benefits
  • Each player will receive a complete uniform for the lacrosse year.  Uniforms includes a jersey, game shorts, and shooter shirt.
  • Each player will receive a complete player pack for the year in the fall.
  • As club team members, all players will receive discounted pricing for additional classes and training offered at the HUB during the year including personal training with Diron and his staff outside of the provided training sessions, Yoga classes for athletes, athletic stretching classes and more.